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This place is amazing! Very nice service. I hit a deer and it did not take long at all to get my car back. If there was higher then a 5 rating they would get it! Thank you very much! I recommend them to everyone!!! :)

Trisha K.

Love, love, love my Subaru outback! I've always wanted one and now I've got one thanks to Ben at West Branch Collosion. He was very helpful and I couldn't beat the price either!

Tia M.

Had my car detailed today.... Wbcc did an excellent job... Would definitely return!!!! Thank you!!!!

Jill B.

Ben...my truck looks great!!

‚ÄéMary C.

I just want to say thank you to the entire staff at West Branch C&C for their business, and more importantly, their hospitality.
To say it was a pleasure working with Ben, Leslie, Jim and Frank would be an understatement. They are a great group of people and I look forward to working with them again soon.

Rob F.

Ben, Thanks for the good work on my car and truck. You and your crew are the best!!

Dan S.

Thanks Ben for the great job you did on my Equinox, and please thank your girl who did the great job detailing, it looked like a brand new vehicle inside and out. Keep up the good work.

Joanne O.

Ben, just wanted to say, I just read your article in Body Shop Business and you my friend have nailed it. As I read it I realized you and I have very similar stories. I opened Carter Collision Center LLC April 08 2013 and wouldn't change a thing. I agree with you 100%. From taking the time to ask if the customer is ok after the accident to ensuring they are informed about the repairs, also your comments about adjusters. You giving back to your community is great as well. as a matter of fact I am goin to watch our ymca baseball team play this afternoon...To sum it up, THANKS for letting me know that taking care of customers, and their vehicles, and doing the right thing still is the way to go these days. Thanks Again.

Scott C.

Great job with the detailing!

Scott C.

This place is amazing! Very nice service. I hit a deer and it did not take long at all to get my car back. If there was higher then a 5 rating they would get it! Thank you very much! I recommend them to everyone!!! smile emoticon

Trisha K.

Great customer service. Took my car in for detailing and some minor touch ups and they went above and beyond. What, a great local business, I will definitely be back and recommend to my friends! Thank you so much WBCC.

Alisa J.

Had to bring my mothers Lexus in for some body work, after she backed into a poll. The car also had some nicks and dings...that needed repair. Had the vehicle detailed while he had it. Looks amazing, great work in a timely manner. I also brought my own car in for detailing...again great job. I am glad there is someone local, will use in future for any further work. Highly recommend West Branch Collision.

Lora C.

Mr.Krom treated my family's deer dented Honda with the same precise touch as he would with a classic restoration! Very respectable employees who stand behind their work from bolts to nuts! Also the shop isn't too filthy dirty as most are! I would totally recommend them for any type of auto body work

Rebecca S.

Shoutout to WBCC for doing an excellent job fixing my car. Only shop that I would trust to touch my VW.

Dustin B.

This place is great!! Awesome customer service along with a great job done! My new VW was in a hail storm with 100's of dings. They took my car for 3 days and it came back looking like it did in the show room the day I purchased it. I highly recommend stopping by if you should need any type of body work done. They TRULLY know there stuff.

Maria N.

Holy CRAP! I officially found the place I will ALWAYS go to get work done. Thank you so much Ben......you guys are awesome. The cleaning and detailing was definitely an unexpected yet much appreciated bonus smile emoticon

Jen T.

They are experts in their field! They also have an awesome art gallery in their main foyer. All framed pictures are always for sale. Check them out.

Bonnie O.

Ben, Frank and the rest of the crew exceeded my expectations on performing an unusual build. They matched 50 year old paint to perfection in addition to creating an old patina look. Great job guys

Gary M.

Couldn't have asked for better results!! Thank you so much Ben! Your the best!!

Katie B.

Great job on Skippy's Flea Market vintage garbage can!!! Look's awesome!!!!

Scott L.

My grams firebird came out excellent. Show room quality.

Collin H.

Impressive work 110% of time. Won't go anywhere else!

Ashley N.

Great detailing job. Just like new!

Brenda M.

I've hit two deer in under a year, I won't take my truck any where else for repair, service here is above and beyond. Thank you again! I'm a professional in my chosen field. In saying that, I recognize professional work when I see it, twice so far. Someone that cares about their work and how it's done will always get my business.

Joshua B.

We had the BEST experience with West Branch! We were in need of a newer vehicle and we found a beautiful Subaru Forester parked out front with a great price and even better service. My husband and I were very impressed with how pleasant and helpful Ben is and how dedicated he was to making sure that we had the best vehicle that he had to offer. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable of our vehicle but he went out of his way to make sure that our buying experience was efficient even though he's not a car dealership. He didn't have to bend over backward but he did and we are very thankful for it :) I've been told by multiple friends and family that West Branch is one of the best quality businesses in town, but now i know for sure it is and will continue to give Ben and his employees business for all our vehicle needs!

Ashley C.

The best people to work with!!!!!
Gave me exactly what I wanted with all the best customer care in the world along with a huge smile!
Thank you West Branch

Nina N.

They are great! It took about five days to repair my vehicle and it looks just as it did the day I bought it. When an unexpected and unrelated issue arose with my vehicle, Ben contacted the dealer and my insurance company. He stayed in constant contact with the dealer and myself. West branch went above and beyond. Thank you.

Wanda A.

Exceptional service! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and kind and they answered any and all questions I had. The parts were here in a timely fashion, and I felt like my car was in great hands!

Sovanndary S.

Best place I have ever taken my car. Hit a deer and now you can't tell it ever happened. Customer service is also excellent and everything a business should be.
Thank you so much.

Christopher B.